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A List Of Just A Few Of The Many Bullriding Associations

A List Of Just A Few Of The Many Bullriding Associations
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A Page Dedicated To A Well Loved And Well Missed Cowboy Lane Frost


Professional Bull Riders Inc.

The WHO, WHAT, and WHERE of the Professional Bull Riders
Professional Bull Riders, Inc., was founded in 1992 by 20 accomplished bull riders who joined together and took a business risk to try make bull riding – the most popular event in traditional rodeo – into a stand-alone sport. Each rider chipped in $1,000 to help launch his dream of someday seeing bull riders recognized as mainstream professional athletes. Since that time, the PBR, unlike any other rodeo or bull riding organization in North America, has been owned and operated by its athletes. Today more than 700 bull riders from the U. S., Canada, Brazil and Australia hold PBR memberships.

The PBR has flourished in every aspect since its inaugural year. When the first PBR World Champion was crowned in 1994, the PBR's major tour consisted of eight events that offered a combined $250,000. Today, the Built Ford Tough Series Series is a 29-city, $10 million tour that has an estimated 100 million viewers annually tuning in to watch televised PBR events on NBC Sports and the Outdoor Life Network (OLN).

The PBR Headquarters are located in the shadow of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colo. A full-time staff of more than 30 works year-round either at PBR Headquarters or on the road at the dozens of annual PBR events. Eight board of directors work in tandem with the PBR’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Production Officer and Chief Financial Officer to oversee the daily operation and long-term prosperity of the PBR. Thanks to the PBR for this information.


The newest rising star on the professional circuit is the locally owned CBR, short for Championship Bull Riding. CBR is the brainchild of local entrepreneur, Joel Logan, of Hamilton. Logan, a long time follower of the sport, is a cattleman who is involved in the bull breeding business. Through his lifelong interest in cows and bulls, he knew that there had to be a way to create some excitement for the fans of bull riding.
Logan Bucking Bulls got its start in 1996. The purpose behind the enterprise was simple. Logan wanted to raise and breed some of the toughest and “rankest” bucking bulls known on the professional bull riding circuits. The purpose behind the enterprise was simple. Logan wanted to raise and breed some of the toughest and “rankest” bucking bulls known on the professional bull riding circuits. The common meaning of the term "rank" is a very bad smell, but in the bull riding circuit it’s used in a much different sense. It describes a bull that is mean, bucks hard or is particularly difficult to ride. The fact that Logan Bucking Bulls currently holds the record for owning the highest scoring bull in pro bull riding history, a bull by the name of Jim Jam is proof that Logan knows “Rank”.
When the nationally respected RSR (Rodeo Stock Registry) asked what Joel thought about their industry upon his admittance as a member and what he thought would help it excel into the future, he had one word, "exposure".
“We need exposure, more television, print, futurities, quality sales and overall media attention. That’s what will push us in the right direction," he stated. As an RSR member, Logan understands the importance of good genetics for the future of the bucking bull business. "DNA testing grants us the ability to know exactly what we’re buying," said Logan. "With the quality of stock getting better, we, as an industry, need to stick together," he added. Through associations such as the RSR, Logan became an aquaintance and then a friend of five-time stock contractor of the year, Terry Williams, of Carthage, Texas. They soon joined camps and Logan & Wiliams Bucking Bulls was born. Their friendship and business partnership was not to end with just the breeding of bulls, but has, over the past four years, metamorphasized into the creation of this newly sanctioned bull riding circuit. Thanks to the CBR for this information.


The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association was created almost by accident in 1936 when a group of cowboys walked out of a rodeo at the Boston Gardens to protest the actions of rodeo promoter W.T. Johnson, who refused to add the cowboys' entry fees to the rodeo's total purse. Johnson finally gave in to the cowboys' demands, and the successful "strike" led to the formation of the Cowboys' Turtle Association. The cowboys chose that name because, while they were slow to organize, when push finally came to shove, they weren't afraid to stick their necks out to get what they wanted. In 1945, the Turtles changed their name to the Rodeo Cowboys Association, and in 1975, the organization became the PRCA. In 1988, the PRCA restructured it's management concept and appointed Lewis A. Cryer as the organization's first commissioner. Uncle Cryer's leadership, the organization experienced growth not imagined by the founding fathers. Upon Cryer's retirement in 1998, veteran collegiate sports administrator Steven J. Hatchell was appointed to lead the association into the new millennium. The PRCA's staff consists of about 70 full-time employees, but grows to nearly 100 during the peak rodeo season. Thanks to the PRCA for this information.

We Miss You Lane Frost!!!!